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Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure and Cozumel Beach Snorkel TOur

Cozumel ATV Snorkel Tour to discover Cozumel Mayan ruins with a COzumel ATV Adventure

ATV Jungle Adventure Beach Snorkel Cozumel Mexico

ATV Jungle Adventure Beach Snorkel Cozumel Mexico

ATV Jungle Adventure Beach Snorkel Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel ATV and Snorkel Tour for ATV Adventure and BEach Snorkel tour in Cozumel

ATV Cozumel Adventure for Cozumel Mayan Ruins and Beach snorkel tour

Cozumel ATV and Snorkel Tour

Jump onto our exciting Cozumel ATV and enjoy this spectacular and adrenaline rushing Cozumel ATV Jungle and Snorkel Tour Combo that takes you snorkeling in Cozumel to discover the amazing Cozumel Reefs. Our fun & exciting Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour will take you places in Cozumel most tourists will never get to see and experience. Explore Cozumel jungle with our professional bilingual guides, who are always fun and entertaining. The Cozumel ATV's are always safe and easy to operate. This Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure and Snorkel Adventure lets you get away from the crowds, and journey into Cozumel and go off roading on the Jungle trails to witness Cozumels amazing sights and sounds. Voted best Cozumel ATV and Snorkel Tour Adventure in Cozumel Mexico.

Cozumel ATV & Snorkel Tour

why choose our Cozumel ATV tour?

Choose from two great Cozumel ATV Tour Options to take advantage of. You may either take a 2 hour Cozumel ATV Jungle Excursion of the Amazing Cozumel ATV Snorkel Tour to Discover Cozumel Jungle and Beach SnorkelCozumel Jungle, or combine your Cozumel ATV Tour adventure with a stop at the Cozumel shore to go snorkeling from the Cozumel Beach Club where you can enjoy a 45 min guided snorkel tour in Cozumel, and then relax on this gorgeous Cozumel beach. You'll meet from an easily accessible meeting location in town which is at Margaritaville that is close to all of the Cozumel cruise ship ports. Then you'll take a 15 min airconditioned van ride south to the historic mayan town of El Cedral. This is where you will begin your incredible Cozumel ATV off-road adventure and Snorkel Tour Combo.

This ATV Cozumel Jungle Adventure and Snorkel tour combo explores Cozumel's inland Rainforests, an ancient Mayan Cave, and a small Mayan ruin while cruising on your Cozumel ATV 4 Wheeler. Our ATV Cozumel Jungle Excursion is approximately 2 hours in total. Followed by another 2 hrs of our Cozumel snorkeling adventure tour from a gorgeous Cozumel beach you'll get to relax on after your Cozumel Snorkel tour.

Choose from Two great Cozumel ATV Tours

OPTION #1- Cozumel ATV Adventure Jungle Tour
ADULTS: $57.50 USD SHARING ATV | KIDS: $45 USD (6-12 years)
ADULTS: $65 USD SINGLE ATV (One Person on ATV without Sharing) 
Duration: 2 hrs

OPTION #2- Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure and Snorkel Tour Combo
ADULTS: $70 USD SHARING ATV | KIDS: $55 USD (6-12 years)
ADULTS: $99 USD SINGLE ATV (One Person  on ATV without Sharing) 
Duration: 4 hrs

  • TOUR TIMES: 8:30am | 10:30am | 12:30pm | 2:30pm
    • Round Trip Transportation from downtown
    • Professional & Friendly Bilingual Guides
    • Cozumel ATV Quad 4 Wheeler
    • Cold Bottled Water
    • Goggles and Helmet
    • Lockers
    • Gratuities (Optional)
  • BRING:
    • Bring Closed Shoes

    • Drivers must be 16 and older.
    • Passengers must be 6 years and older.
    • All drivers need to present valid driving licence.
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